[medicube] Red Erasing Cream 2.0 50ml

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Clinically approved blemish and hyperpigmentation reducing cream that helps act as a skin barrier.
The Red Erasing Cream has been a favorite for blemish care and hyperpigmentation. It works to decrease melanin in your skin thereby fading the pigmentation spots on your face. It has successfully completed 4-week application tests to prove its efficacy.

It is non-sticky and is recommended for those with oily skin. The cream works best for reducing blemishes, fading scars, and hyperpigmentation spots.

1. After cleansing, squeeze adequate amount on face.
2. Apply evenly across the face.
3. Gently tap to enhance absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Great product and good for combating scars and redness

Great product and good for combating scars and redness. I've been using it at night by applying a thin layer on my face and the next morning, my face looks more radiant. Good! Will continue to use it.