[MEDIHEAL] Baobab Soothing Moisture Toner 200ml

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This mild keratin care toner comforts skin while gently removing dead
skin cells and other impurities. It prepares your skin to absorb the ingredients from your moisturizer which is applied after this step. Mild keratin care has similar pH levels to the human body, therefore, allowing it to absorb and lock moisture providing the skin with soothing hydration

[How to use]
Apply morning and evening after cleansing. Dispense into your palms and gently press into your face and neck until fully absorbed. Can also be applied with a cotton pad.
Ideal for normal, combination, oily, and sensitive skin types.

Free of mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and ingredients of animal origin.

For all genders of all ages Women, Men, and Children.

Each person may have different effects.
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