[MEDIHEAL] Blackhead Melting Clear Nose Patch 4EA

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[DESCRIPTION] medi heal
Components : STEP 1 4 pieces, Dual spatula 4EA, STEP 3 4 pieces
  • A mild and non-irritating nose pack with sebum melting effect for all skin types. It gently melts sebum and blackheads without physical stimulation and helps to converge pores, taking care of blackheads mildly.
  • Specially, the dual sebum spatula meticulously removes even embedded sebum leaving the skin clean and smooth.
  • The bio-cellulose sheet containing more than 95% of moisture gently adheres to the skin and gently swells even hardened sebum. As a finishing touch, control excessive sebum and tighten open pores to achieve a clean and smooth skin texture.
  • The non-sticky, lightweight essence contains a patented blackhead removal ingredient using liposome technology and 5X cica complex. With just one use, sebum and blackheads are improved, pores are converged, and you can experience a radiant skin texture.

1. After washing your face and wiping off the water, apply STPE 1 to the sebum-prone area and remove the mask after 10 to 15 minutes.
2. After using STEP 1, use the dual spatula to thoroughly remove excess sebum.
3. Place the STEP 3 mask on the area where the sebum was removed, let it cool down for 15 minutes, then remove it and lightly tap the remaining ampoule for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This kit works well for clearing the skin.

Tami W.

Wow, I was amazed It really works. I didn't put much trust in to it. It works amazingly. Left my nose so soft and clean. I reused it on my chin after I had used it on my nose, and again on a spot on my cheek. it still worked on these extra areas. Leaves the area so soft. I will be purchasing more. I differently recommend it to ANYONE who has a problem with blackheads.

Camila B.

I like it because it removes more sebum and blackheads than other products and causes less irritation!

Pearl G.

The sheet adheres gently to the skin and gently softens hardened sebum, effectively removing blackheads.


I'm very satisfied!!! I think it's the best nose pack I've ever used! I will repurchase!