[MEDIHEAL] Derma Modeling Pack (5 Types) 28g

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[DESCRIPTION]   Medi heal
  • Easy even for beginners! Mediheal modeling pack that feels like receiving care at home
  • The sticky formula makes it easy for even beginners to use the desired amount.
  • Clean and powder-free! Can be used cleanly using high-quality diatomaceous earth
  • If you adjust the amount of water below the marking line in the mixing bowl, the success rate is 100%.

Collagen: Creates plump and elastic skin
Hyaluronic Acid: Moist and glowing skin as if it has been cared for.
Vitamins: Transparent, shiny, glass-like skin
Tea Tree: Rapid soothing of irritated skin
Madecassoside: Cleanly improves marks, soothes irritation

1. After washing your face, apply the ampoule to absorb the highly effective ingredients.
2. Add cold water to the mixing bowl (approximately 50ml), then pour in the powder and mix quickly using a spatula.
3. Apply the modeling pack in the following order: cheeks > forehead > nose > chin.
4. After about 15 minutes, when the pack hardens, remove it and smooth out the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Denise K.

The ampoule that comes with it has a very good moisturizing effect and seems to have a direct effect on skin elasticity. If you apply the ampoule to your face before applying the pack and then apply the modeling pack on top of it, it will come off easily when you remove the modeling pack later.

Judith S.
Good for moisturizing

I absorbed the ampoule and put on the pack, and at first it felt cool. When I took off the pack that was stuck to my skin, I was satisfied with my moist and bright skin. Thanks to the collagen ingredient, my skin was pampered. It was good because it was cheaper than other modeling packs and even beginners could use it easily.

M. C.
Refreshing and skin feels soft

I used this with my daughter and had lots of fun with it. Very easy to mix but a bit tricky to smooth it out on the face. My daughter has really sensitive skin and this didn't irritate her at all unlike most of skin mask she had tried. She loved how convenient and easy to use this kit. Only took 15 minutes and skin felt soft afterwards. Very easy to peel off skin unless you get it in your hair. This kit was plenty for both of us to use. Highly recommend this for summer for its calming and refreshing results.


I love this product!!!

shari o.

This facial kit is easy to use. It's like getting a facial at home with this mask. It left my skin smooth and hydrated. I highly recommend this spa kit.