[Meditime] Pore Blackhead One Shot Pack 100g (Blackhead Remover Deep Cleansing Mask)

$31.00 $37.00

- Black Head Clear
- Sebum Clear
- Natural Pore Clearing
- Remove Pore Black Head in One Shot
- Melts dark blackheads away -
Pure fine scrub particles remove sebum and dead skin with bubbles
- Melts dark blackheads and removes waste, sebum, and dead skin that are deeply embedded in the skin with pure micro scrub particles and black therapy ingredients.
- When applying the product, it might be feel little bit hot for first 5 minutes, but DON'T WORRY. It's just the process. It does not aggravate the skin at all. After washing off the pack, it will be feel super fresh and blackheads would gone out from the skin. This is effortless and easy product that provides clear and glowy skin.

Apply an appropriate amount of cream pack onto cleansed skin, then leave for about 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water (Recommended to use once or twice a week)