[MERZY] Mood Fit Shadow Palette (3 Colors)

$19.50 $24.00

  • A multifunctional eyeshadow palette with four shades to create different looks for your ever-changing mood.
  • The sleek-fit formula delivers fine powder that blends smoothly on the lid for a long-lasting wear.
  • Contains stunning fine opal glitters.

  • #S1 Amusing Rose:
  • #01 Dry Rose: A matte shade with soft indie pink.
  • #02 Rose Petal: Elegant muted rosy pink.
  • #03 Amusing: Illuminating glitter shade.
  • #04 Antique Brown: A matte burgundy brown.

  • #S2 Joyful Coral:
  • #01 Milk Tea: A matte warm milky beige.
  • #02 Basic Coral: A matte ripe apricot coral.
  • #03 Joy: Sunshine glitter shade.
  • #04 Brownie: A brownie brown shade.

  • #S3 Drowsy Nude:
  • #01 Cozy: Matte nude beige.
  • #02 Soft Touch: Soft muted pink beige.
  • #03 Sugar Coat: Gold sparkling champagne glitters.
  • #04 Coca: A lightly creamy brown.

  • [HOW TO USE]
    1. Apply #01 on eyelid to work as an allover base.
    2. Contour and define the crease with #02.
    3. Smudge the #04 shade into the lash for a more deep-set eyes.
    4. Apply the glitter shade on the forehead and the middle of eyelids.

    Each person may have different effects.
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