[Mise en scene] Salon Plus Clinic 10 Shampoo (Damaged Hair) 500ml

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Salon Plus Clinic 10 Shampoo (For Damaged Hair)
- Damage care shampoo with the effect of a salon clinic for thin and weak hair (Soft Texture)
- Silky Hair care for damaged hair starting from shampoo.
- Shampoo that cares for hair with a soft silky hair without tangling.
- Contains 10,000 ppm of low molecular protein.
- Contains 1000 times of collagen: strengthens hair and increases the elasticity of hair.
- Contains 8 protein components / 4 moisturizing components
- It provides the hair elasticity effect of rose protein, and the hair strengthening effect of plant protein.
- PH weak acid shampoo that protects the scalp and hair.
- 10 seconds complete home salon hair care that delivers the 10 benefits of salon clinics.
- In addition to improving damaged hair, it relieves hair tangling, relieves roughness, gives softness, gives silky hair, supplies nutrition, gives hair shine, and gives moisture.
- It forms the outer protective layer of healthy hair and coats the hair.
- Satisfaction rate 94%: Instantly softens the surface of dry hair, and the hair feels silky.
- It protects against fine dust, protects hair from heat, and protects against dry hair damage to even the cause of hair damage.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and massage onto scalp. Wash of after few minutes.


- Each person may have different effects.
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