[MODAMODA] Pro Change Blonde Shampoo 300g

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  • It is a low irritation complementary color shampoo that removes the rustic yellow color after bleaching and dyeing.
  • It is a product with the characteristics of dyed hair care, bleaching essentials, removes yellowish bleach, and ash-colored hair.
  • It is an exclusive product for bleached and dyed hair, can be used with bare hands, and is a functional product for alleviating hair loss conditions.
  • Rich and soft foam is created even on brittle hair.
  • It is a transparent formula with a subtle purple tint that can be used with bare hands without worrying about coloration and can be used without gloves on sensitive scalps.
  • Completed the low irritation test, use on a daily basis with low pH formula free of irritation.
  • It is a product that gives sophisticated color with the characteristics of removing yellowish bleach, trendy color, ash color, and life-long hair color.

1. Take an appropriate amount of shampoo, then with the shampoo foam your wet hair as if massaging it.
2. Leave it on your hair for about 3 minutes.
Time Tips by Hair Length : Short hair (2~3 minutes) / Long hair (3~5 minutes)
3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Each person may have different effects.
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