[MUZIGAE MANSION] Icy Glow (6 Colors) 5.3ml

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MUJIGAE MANSION is an vegan object cosmetics brand without the boring routines of everyday. The third collection of MUJIGAE MANSION, Icy Glow is a glow tine with sophisticated re-interpretation of ice cubes.
Icy Glow is the clearest and most gorgeous collection from all the lineups of MUJIGAE MANSION and creates moist and dewy lips like slightly melted ice.
The semi-clear texture gets blended with the natural lip color of your own to create pure and mysterious mood that calls for curiosity of those around you.

This is a vegan product that passed the vegan certificate process of UK Vegan Society with the oldest and most expert vegan institution in the world.
The best oil and moisture balance offers radiance and moisture to the lips and tight and dense application.
Glow oil bursts and fills moisture radiance to create dewy gloss and long-lasting glow.
The moisture barrier that keeps the lips moist instantly fills moisture and keeps the moisture until it evaporates.

  • 01 Vague : Neutral nude peach color that is seamlessly matched to all skin tones to create dewy purity.
  • 02 Untold : The moody nude orange hue with the salmon beige color offers subtle freshness to your makeup.
  • 03 Holymoly : Gorgeous rosy tone melts into the skin tone to maximize your loveliness with its soft coral pink hue.
  • 04 Wonder : Fresh and blue pink hue of this berry rose color brightens up your skin tone.
  • 05 Tempting : Bright red and burgundy-cherry red color offers a perfect color combination for your look.
  • 06 Cheshire : The mysterious purple huge of the rose mauve color will envelop you in classy yet mysterious mood.

Take a moderate amount with the applicator and spread it from the inside of the lips for gradation.
This product is vulnerable to heat and light and may change in color or odor when exposed to light, so please make sure to keep it away from light as much as possible.
The product may come with color lines or cracks generated in the production process due to the product formula, but they are not product faults and you may use the product without any harms.

Each person may have different effects.
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Texture formula is really good. Price is expensive but i really love it


It was well packaged and delivery was fast. Thank you for the gifts!


Everything arrived in order, good quality.