[NEEDLY] Anti-Trouble Pad 250g 60EA

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  • A all in one pad, from pore care, soothing and barrier care. Removes Pore ​​sebum, dead skin cells and waste purification. Helps with Skin soothing and barrier recovery.
  • AHA and PHA ingredients gently remove dead skin cells, and BHA and LHA ingredients dissolve sebum and wastes in pores without irritation. It purifies with clean pores. Cools and clean skin purification.
  • The watery formulation helps to gently remove impurities from the skin and fills it with ample moisture.
  • A dual pad with grid pattern embossing to effectively cleanse sebum and impurities, and a smooth side for using moisture-soothing packs.
  • With a peeling complex and a soft embossed fabric, it helps to eliminate impurities from the skin, providing quick and effective care for skin concerns.
  • Gentle, low-irritant anti-trouble pads that help solve daily skin concerns without causing irritation.
  • Toner pads containing patented ingredients effective for sebum/acne/redness and four types of exfoliating ingredients, which can provide assistance in trouble care.

Wipe with embossed cotton side after washing your face. Wipe again with soft cotton side of the pad and gently pat toner onto your skin for better absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karen C.

There is almost no irritation even to sensitive skin. Moisture is maintained with a generous amount of essence.

meghan l.

It’s so refreshing!! It’s a great pad.
The pad material is also soft. There is no stickiness at all.

Luisa M.E.

While the daily toner pad was used to smooth out texture and remove dead skin cells, the anti-trouble pad was a more suitable product to use as a skin pack! When I consistently used a toner pack with this product, my skin calmed down a lot!