[NEOGEN] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser 120g + Brush 1EA

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Make pack and cleanser in ONE! PORE DEEP CLEANSING!

Powerful waste absorption of 100% Canadian Glacial Soil, Perfect skin cleansing with freshness of carbonic capsule!

1. Cleansing Over 40 kinds of mineral ingredient in Canadian glacial clay absorbs the residue of make-up, waste and helps to do deep cleansing. It keeps skin pure and clean.

2. Pore care Carbonic acid capsule shakes pores lightly and helps to move waste out in pores. It also helps to reduce the depth of pores.

3. Exfoliating Soft bubble meets carbonic acid and they rise on skin. It removes the waste absorbed in glacial clay and dead skin cells, improves skin to be glow and smooth.

4. Calming Carbonic acid makes circulation of oxygen for skin smooth and brings vitality to tired skin. It calms sensitive skin and presents comfort and softness to skin after cleansing.

[Suggested Use]
1. Dispense an appropriate amount onto dry face such as 1mm thickness and spread into entire face. (You can also use directly over makeup.)
2. Leave about 5 min. to let glacial soil & carbonic acid capsule could fully absorb the waste of pores.
3. After 5 min. add the lukewarm water then softly massage with bubbles & rub bubbles softly on entire face and wash with water then dry with a clean to