[NEOGEN] Hyal Glow Rose Essence 160ml

$28.90 $36.00

Damask rose boosts hydration and reduces dryness to help balance the skin and keeps skin looking hydrated

A big-sized essence infused with damask rose that hydrates and helps balance the skin

Experience the subtle scent of Damask rose flower oil derived from the Bulgarian Damask rose

Formulated with 74% of Damask rose water that hydrates the skin

Infused with 1,500ppm of Damask rose extract derived from the Bulgarian Damask rose

Hyaluronic Acid Complex
Formulated With 8 Types of Hyaluronic Acid

An essence formulated with 8 different types of hyaluronic acid complex that hydrates and works to maintain moisture for a healthy skin

[How to Use]
Apply 1-2 pumps onto toned skin in the AM and PM. Gently pat in to allow for maximum absorption.

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