[NEOGEN] V.Biome Infusion Serum 30ml

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The high-function vitamin ingredients visibly  firms and soothes the skin - a full
energy-enhancing vitamin serum.

1. An energy-enhancing vitamin serum that restores your skin’s condition.

A high-performance antioxidant anti-aging vitamin serum that contains 5% V-Biome Liposome™ and over 10% of vitamins, providing a visible glow, brightening, and firm skin elasticity as if you had just received professional skin care.

2. Synergy effect between Vita C and Ferulic Acid to boost skin's natural ability for visible self-repair.

‘Ferulic Acid’, which protects the skin from free radicals - the cause of skin aging, and ‘Vitamin C’, which enhances the skin’s self-renewal power, meet to correct the skin balance and strengthen self-renewal power to make revitalized firmer skin.

3. True benefit care with brighter and boosted skin vitality

SWEETONE ingredient soothes stressed skin and reduces erythema, redness, and discoloration of irritated skin to make it healthy and even skin tone. It fundamentally solves the problem and restores the original bright and radiance.

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After using toner, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture for better absorption.

*Use morning and night.

Each person may have different effects.
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