[NEOGEN] Probiotics Youth Repair Mist 120ml

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1. Nourishing and moisturizing double-hydrating method to help balance skin
A combination of oil (5%), moisture (95%) that drenches skin with hydration and prevents moisture from evaporating with an oil barrier to help maintain a hydrated skin.

2. Formulated with superprobiotics + similar oil on our skin that crates a good biorhythm of skin
Formulated with superprobiotics and an oil complex Tru-Skin barrier similar to our skin lipid that improves weakened skin immunity and creates a good biorhythm of skin to effectively absorb nourishing ingredients into skin.

3. Non-sticky, water-fused, luminous skin!
Delivers non-sticky, hydration any time of the day with oil-drop infused capsules

[How to Use]
Shake mist to mix the moisturizing and oil layers, close eyes and spritz 20-30cm away from face and lightly tap face to absorb into skin.

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