[SUR.MEDIC] Azulen Soothing pH Cleanser 150ml

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Formulated with Azulene to help soothe and balance pH levels even, this gentle but effective face wash plays a role of cleansing solution to remove all impurities and dirt while protecting sensitive skin from pollutants and improving skin’s barrier without stripping skin.

Works softly and gently on sensitive, dry skin
Acidic cleanser of pH levels 5.5 – 6.5 helps balance skin oil and water and restores into a healthy skin.

Natural soothing ingredients relieve stressed skin
Designed to keep skin healthy and care for sensitive and stressed skin. Formulated with azulen and centella asiatica extract which helps to soothe skin.

Provides ultra-hydration
Three types of hyaluronic acid locks in hydration and does not strip off skin.

At the last stage of your evening skincare routine, smooth gently over irritated area or entire face. Solutions for: - Sensitive skin - Skin irritation and damages - Redness - Skin stress - Dry skin

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