[numbuzin] No.1 Blackhead Soak Off Cleaner 150ml

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  • A blackhead cleaner that removes blackheads and sebum embedded in the pores to create a clean and smooth nose.
  • Formlated mildly excluding the controversial ingredients. It has found the optimal combination for blackhead removal within the range that does not burden the skin.
  • It contains ingredients specialized for pores, such as naturally derived cleansing ingredients, pine needle extract, and Eosongcho extract. It not only soaks up and dissolves sebum, but also makes aftercare easy.

1. Wet a cotton pad with the contents, and place it on blackhead and sebum prone areas.
2. Soak the sebum sufficiently for 15-20 minutes. Please attach the cotton pad well.
3. Wipe off the blackhead turned white with cotton swab. Add a slight pressure for better removal.
4. After removing the sebum, rinse the remaining blackhead cleaner residue with water.

TIP. The effect is doubled when used with the pores open after taking a warm shower.

Each person may have different effects.
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