[numbuzin] No.2 Protein 43% Creamy Serum 50ml

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  • A cream in serum that tightly holds the skin's core by layering a thin cream texture as if it were coated with protein.
  • Contains 43% of protein, a key component of the skin : Superfood oat energy and 10 types of protein added to the core protein ingredients to tighten the skin's core and make the skin firm and not easily shaken by stimulation.
  • Barrier adhesion ingredients in golden ratio : Ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids are contained in a 3:1:1 golden ratio similar to barrier adhesion ingredients in the human body to make the protein barrier stronger. Synergy ingredients Panthenol and probiotics are added to complete a tight protein barrier!
  • Firmness that can be felt with just one layer : It contains only the advantages of creams and serums, replenishes moisture inside without feeling stuffy, and coats the protein barrier by sticking to the skin.

Pump 2-3 times and apply it all over your face. It can be used every morning and night.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Jessica H.
I love it so far.

I just got this yesterday and only used it twice and my skin looks way more soft and feels so soft. I didn’t think it would make a difference this soon but my skin looks dewy and I really like that and definitely will continue to buy. Also I thought I’d mention I have very sensitive skin and this stuff has not caused no issues, when I read the other reviews I got paranoid about it breaking me out but I decided to try it anyways and so far so good and trust me many things bother my skin usually. 😅

Tawny F.
I like it so far

It gives me a brightness which I like.

Leaves a nourishing feel to my skin

I like the consistecy and nourishing feel on my skin. I have combo/oily skin, but I have been using it during the winter and it feels very hydrating without feeling very oily. Will recommend.


Received within 12 days. Been purchasing Numbuxin products repeatedly. I now have number 2, 3, 4, 6 serums and 2, 3, 4 creams and also 1 & 3 toners. Use the numbers alternatively based on my daily skin condition. Loving the products so far. Tried this serum from trial kit and now buying it to use.

Very rich cream

I've been using this in lieu of a moisturizer because it's rich and creamy enough to moisturize my face and I get the benefits of a serum. Even though it's creamy/thick, it doesn't leave any residue on your face. I would say it gets absorbed fairly quickly and your face looks dewy.