[OBgE] Mellow Clay Pomade 100g

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  • Natural gloss and flexible setting power : A meeting between a subtle shine oil and a smooth clay to solve all worries. Soft clay is re-stylable with non-clumping texture, and the subtle gloss oil provides a seamless shine and keeps it moisturized. Try creating a seamless styling with flexible holding power and gloss. The advantages of oil-based and water-based pomade are combined into one clay formula, allowing for a seamless gloss effect and restyling.
  • Easier cleansing for healthier hair and scalp : Easily dissolves in water, cleanses thoroughly and leaves no residue.
  • A subtle scent that spreads naturally with perfume pomade instead of perfume : Woody scent with sweet fig and calming cedarwood. TOP NOTE - Green Note / MIDDLE NOTE - Lily of the valley, Cyclamen, Violet, Fig / BASE NOTE - Cedarwood, Amber
  • 3-step nutritional care : Systematic hair nutrition care prevents hair from becoming frizzy or brittle, allowing for more perfect styling. Contains 17 types of black food 10 and type of proteins Including Biotin, supplies nutrition to fundamentally care for the cause of damage. Formulated with 20 amino acids to moisturize dull hair. Provides heat damage protection to prevent loss of nutrients.
  • Certified low-irritant and dermatologically tested, so you can use it with confidence.

Take a small amount in your hand, rub your hands together, then apply it to your hair to style as you wish.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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It's not overpowering and has a subtle shine, making my hair look good. Even when I wash my hair, it dissolves well and doesn't leave any feeling behind.

Kindle C.

It applies well without clumping and is great for simple and easy hair design.