[ONE THING] Houttuynia Cordata Extract 150ml / 300ml

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  • The Houttuynia cordata is full of quercitrin that emits wastes within the skin's blood vessels and polyphenol, amino acid, fatty acid, with antioxidant effect to make healthier skin.
  • It is rich in Quercitron, which removes skin waste, and is effective for problematic skin.
  • It is rich in polyphenols, amino acids and fatty acids that are beneficial for healthy skin.
  • Eoseongcho extract helps to calm and purify the scalp and is used as a raw material for functional shampoo and scalp care mist.

Wet cotton pads with the product as the first step of the skincare and tone the skin or use it as a mist.

Each person may have different effects.
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