[PEACH C] Slim Waterproof Fixxy Liner 0.14g (3 Colors)

$17.90 $20.00

Up your eyeliner game with this ultra-slim gel liner in a quick-dry, waterproof formulation! Creamy texture glides smoothly onto lids for an impeccable finish, while silicone coating keeps the most elaborate cat eye smudge-free. Comes in three colors: black, deep brown and soft brown.

  • With 2mm ultra slim for a detail eye line drawing.
  • Its creamy texture glides smoothly and the quick-dry gel base helps fix the eye line once apply.
  • Forms a silicone fixer film after applying, no need to worry about smudging.

#01 BLACK : Distinct original black colour
#02 DEEP BROWN : Natural daily brown colour
#03 SOFT BROWN : Light brown colour

1. Apply powder or shadow to remove excessive sebum on eye area.
2. Spin the dial of the eyeliner then draw along the eye line.

1. This product contains a quick dry gel base, and after use, be sure to close the lid and store it.
2. Since it is an ultra-slim pencil type, it can be easily broken, so please raise it by only 1-2mm when using it once.

Each person may have different effects.
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