[peripera] Ink Airy Velvet Peaches Collection (5 Colors) 4g

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  • The Peach Collection reminiscent of sweet, coral-colored peach juice
  • A soft matte lip tint that doesn't get smudged off : A lip tint that glides softly even on dry lips and stays on for a long time
  • As light as air Watercolor formula : A lightweight formula that applies thinly like watercolor, perfect for a gradient lip look
  • Moisturizes and covers flaky lips : Just put it on even if you have super dry, flaky lips Speechlessly moisturized feeling!

21 Fluffy Peach: A soft muted pink peach color
22 Center Peach : The perfect coral peach color that expresses the peachy look
23 In the Peachlight : Mysterious pink peach color
24 Heavenly Peach : Red coral peach color
25 Zazzy Peach : Plump peach color

Apply directly to lips. Start in the center of lips and smooth out-wards toward corners of mouth.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beatriz R.P.
Me encantó!

La tinta en el color zazzy peaches es una completa hermosura, la textura es muy ligera y queda hermoso el color, me ha encantado

Muy lindas!

Me gustaron mucho! Los colores son bellos, la textura es agradable y la presentación es muy linda.

Vaidas B.

Love love this colour. Super comfortable on the lips.

Sherzod R.
Very Good Thank you.

Very Good Thank you.

José L.V.P.S.H.

Absolutely head-over-heels in love with this lip tint. As long as you're not rough on it, lasts hours, and is a gorgeous shade. Easy to apply. Flattering. Light weight. Doesn't feel sticky or slimy. Covers well in a matte finish, but isn't super heavy or dark so you can do more neutral looks with it still. Completely in love!