[PURITO] Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml

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Centella Green Level Eye Cream / 30ml

About Me

Stretch out the winkles in your sensitive skin! 

When aging starts, protein reduces, and wrinkles are formed. PURITO eyecream are made with the effective nutrients for wrinkles to penetrate deeply in your skin, blending 4 types of peptide elements that are ingredients of protein. Also, There is 49% of Centella Asiatica extract which helps people with sensitive skin, including eyes, to use comfortably. Additionally, there are panthenol and hyaluronic acid which form a moisture barrier to soothe and protect the sensitive skin.

Strong Point

1. PURITO Centella Eye Cream is for those who are uncomfortable with application before applying makeup due to heavily oiled eye creams.

2. Feel free to use the product during the day as it goes on gently and softly.

3. Cost-effective eye cream for eyes, mouth, and, wrinkle care.

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Great Eye Cream

Added it to my skincare routine, and it really helps me look better and no so tired!!