[Pyunkang Yul] Intensive Repair Cream 50ml

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1. Natural moisture factor, NMF, sotres moisture in the stratum corneum. NMF consists of amino acids and has a strong water affinity, pulling moisture and maintaining moisturized skin.
2. Stronger 2-stage, 3-layer skin barrier to prevent supplied moisture from being evaporated. The structure of the skin barrier is like multi-layer flat bricks with mortar applied in between the bricks to prevent moisture evaporation.
3. Resolve your concerns about dry skin 3-stage antioxidation.

[How to use]
Take an adequate amount of the product on the hand in the last stage of basic skincare. Then, gently spread the cream evenly onto the skin in the direction that softens skin texture.

Customer Reviews

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Хороший крем, покупаю его регулярно. Чудес не творит, но кожу питает, смягчает, мне очень нравится. Продавец положил в подарок пробники.

Great moisturizer

This is a wonderful moisturizer. However, I failed to read the size. The jar is TINY. I use it as an eye cream. It’s actually been the best cream I have put around my eyes by far, and I have a ton of creams, lotions, and potions.