[Pyunkang Yul] Moisture Ampoule 100ml

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The perfect balance between oil and moisture!
- Maintains the skin's oil-moisture balance and prevents the evaporation of hydration for a longer lasting dewy effect
- Hypo-allergenic
- Barberry root extracts work to reduce the temperature of your skin to soothe sensitive, irritated skin
- Olive oil offers an intense hydration effect and prevents your skin from becoming dry

[How to use]
1. Use the spoid to measure out an appropriate amount of the serum
2. Apply whilst following the lines of our skin.
* Tip: Apply a little extra to particularly dry regions of your skin

Customer Reviews

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Incredible product, your skin will thank you for the moisture this serum delivers. Pyunkang yul products are really soothing, hydrating and a good staple for anyone who wishes to preserve youthful skin long term. No filler ingredients as far as I can tell. Now, I am not even 30 years old, but I have already reaped the benefits with more plump skins, less redness and tightness. My skin just feels better and more comfortable. Also great for layering as it sinks in nicely, and you get a lot of product so it invites you to being generous. Don't forget to take care of your neck and chest every day! ;)


Fantastic moisturizing product great for a day if you don’t want to use heavier moisturizer or underneath another moisturizer