[rom&nd] Blur Fudge Tint (11 Colors) 5.0g

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rom&nd's new lip tint line, Blur Fudge Tint, was a collaboration with beauty Youtuber Minsco, ideal for those looking for a long lasting, transfer proof, matte lip tint. A fuzzy texture that spreads easily without clumping. Contains waxy ingredients to smooth out dry lips for a finish that gets blurry the more you spread it.

A matte gradation tint that smudges easily and smoothly.
Waxy ingredients make your dry lips smooth.
The flat spatula tip spreads the content not to make the lip surface look blotchy. Comes in a fudge texture for easy spread.

  • #01 POMELOCO : Soft and warm coral with complexion
  • #02 ROSIENTAL : A slightly toned down rosy MLBB
  • #03 MUSKY : Orange brick color with red light
  • #04 RADWOOD : Deep and alluring wood brown
  • #05 BIBI CANDY : Pure pink resembling vivid candy
  • #06 MAUVISH : Attractive grayish color
  • #07 COOL ROSE UP : Cool plum rose that concentrates on the lips
  • #08 CURRANT JAM : Vivid and deep currant berry red

Apply naturally from the inside to the outside of the lips as if filling. Use finger or brush to blend for a blurry finish.

Each person may have different effects.
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love the texture