[ROUND LAB] Pine Tree Soothing Cica Biocellulose Nose Pack*5EA

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  • It is a 105mm wide size optimized for the nose and butterfly zone, and it provides customized care for sebum concerns.
  • Even for sensitive skin, mild LHA+PHA ingredients gently care for unnecessary dead skin cells and waste that clog pores.
  • The coconut fermented niocellulose sheet adheres tightly to the curved area next to the nose to help thorough sebum care.
  • The transparent water gel sheet helps cool calming care as soon as it is put on the skin.

01. Attach a biocellulose sheet that adheres tightly to every corner of the skin to melt sebum by attaching it to areas where blackheads and sebum are concerned.
02. After 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet and gently remove the raised blackheads and sebum using a dual extrusion swab that combines extruder and swab.
03. After washing your face lightly with lukewarm water, attach a water gel sheet that adheres as if it were your skin and delivers cool moisture for 10 to 25 minutes to soothe the coolant.

Each person may have different effects.
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