[S.A.A.T INSIGHT] Soft Watery Cream Primer 30ml

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Soft. Watery. Glow. #Natural soft glow on the skin texture
Outstanding moisture retention : It is a moist base formulation suitable for dry and sensitive skin as it contains chrysanthemum extract.
Cream formula that does not burden the skin : A cream-type primer that replenishes insufficient moisture maintains a soft glow and moist skin texture all day long.
Moist cream formula helps to create a lively skin tone on dull skin.

After basic skin care, before base makeup, pump a coin-sized amount and apply to the skin. For areas that feel dry, add a little more. Apply gently.
* When the contents are not discharged for a long period of time and reused, the accumulated oil may be discharged first, and thus the viscosity may look low, but please use it with confidence as it is a normal product.

Each person may have different effects.
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Olha Z.

Great results and the primer really covers pores