[Shingmulnara] Oxygen Face & Body Sun Stick SPF 50+ PA++++ 30g

$24.00 $35.00

High adhesion Airy fit.
Without touching it.
Zero stickiness.
Easy Bosong Sun Stick.

It was simple, but the stickiness was a problem. If it's a Shingmul Nara, don't worry!
- Reduces stickiness and soft on the outside
- The texture that melts the moment it touches the skin is filled with moisture, making the inside moist.

Did you know?
- It is said that the blocking power of the sun cream depends on the adhesion of the sun stick!
- If you apply lightly without force, it does not clump on the skin and becomes red evenly, giving a thin and transparent finish when whitening up.

When will you need it
- Easy to use without getting on your hands during outdoor sports activities
- Naturally without touching when playing in the water
- Every moment the sun can't be avoided

Turn the dial at the bottom of the container to raise the contents about 5mm.
Apply evenly across the skin from the inside and the feet of the face to the outside

Each person may have different effects.
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