[SKIN1004] ZOMBIE BEAUTY Cocoon Soap Mask 100g

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Easy pore care Simply 1 minute a day : Total care with cocoon extract (sericin) to remove impurities and exfoliate. Moisture layer to prevent evaporation. Non-irritating deep cleansing with compact foam.

Remove sebum inside pores gently without irritation : Gently, without damaging the pores! Compact foam sticks to the sebum and deeply cleanses the pores!

NO evaporation! Moisture coating : Forms moisture layer to prevent evaporation and hydrate after face wash.

Cocoon extract (sericin), the key ingredient : Absorptive power of sericin to eliminate sebum and impurities! Prevents evaporation by forming moisture layer on the surface.

Create foam with lukewarm water and foaming net. Cleanse entire face as if massaging. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Tip : While applying with hands is sufficient, use foaming net to create more supple and rich bubbles.

Each person may have different effects.
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