[SKIN1004] ZOMBIE BEAUTY Mummy Pack 1BOX (2g X 8EA, 3.5ml X 8EA)

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TIME TO REWIND THE CLOCK : Wanna take adventures with mummy to get back elastic and smooth skin? This mysterious Mummy Pack would rewind the clock of your skin and help you to stop the aging and take care of fine wrinkles.

MAGICAL INGREDIENTS, TRUFFLE : Truffle Extract is the main ingredients that are used to come up with this black mask pack. Truffle, known as diamonds in the Earth, would provide hydration, purification, elasticity and nutrition on to your face at the same time.

BLACK FOOD RECIPE : Black foods that have black colors contain Anthocyanin, which provides elasticity on to skin with abundant nutrients. Other than Truffle Extract, following ingredients add black magic upon this mask pack. Charcoal Powder, Black Beans, Black Sesames and Berry Complex.

ALBUMIN FOR PORE CARE : Pore is one of the reasons that makes your skin look dull and and loose. We added Albumin Powder, the exact same ingredient used in Zombie Pack, to take care of this and it would deliver vitality and tightening effet.

COMPACT AND HYGIENIC PACKAGE : On top of 8 individual Mummy Activators, Mini Pack Brush is included to provide delicate and detailed application. Each pack is prepared in a separate packaging for hygienic use. All you have to do is mix the activator and mummy powder right before using it.

Open 1 MUMMY PACK batch with care to prevent powder from spilling. Pour the activator and use brush to mix with the powder. Apply on facial area along the skin texture. (Avoid around eyes and lips) Dry 10~15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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