[SKINFOOD] Black Sugar Perfect Enzyme Powder Wash 1.2g*30EA

$23.50 $50.00

One-step powder cleanser that gently scrubs and deeply cleanses formulated with mineral-rich black sugar and plant-derived enzymes.
  • Mild peeling without irritation of sensitive skin with black sugar and papain enzyme
  • Deep cleansing, keratin care, skin texture, moisturizing, clear skin 5 IN 1 multi cleanser
  • Mild cleansing with creamy foam and slightly acidic formula
  • Moist finish without pulling
  • Minimize skin irritation with soft foam that comes up when it comes in contact with the water and gently wraps the face

1. Open one packet and pour into wet hands.
2. Add water to powder and massage in between hands until a rich foam lathers.
3. Gently massage foam onto face in circular motions
4. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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