[TAMBURINS] Showery Body Wash (4 Types) 240ml

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  • #NIMBUS : The exuberant and sweet aroma of donut peach floats like a small, cozy rain cloud. The soft, green scent from a young coconut shell meets the buttery note of the peach, adding an opulent nuance to a fresh fragrance. The clean, comforting scent of musk begins and ends your day with a delightful finish.

  • #BIGALICO : Beginning with bitter citrus notes from bigarade orange, moist from a cool shower in the early summer, the fragrance spreads like sweet fruit flesh bursting in the air upon peeling its dark green skin. Calming notes from cedarwood blend with licorice's sweet, subtle scent, leaving a rich and comforting aftertaste.

  • #FOG : Fresh like dews on pine trees, the crisp note of juniper evokes an image of an early morning filled with water fog. Soft cashmere wood’s scent of rain-wet trees infuses the fragrance with the calm comfort you can experience in nature.

  • #STORM : The sharp greenness of galbanum fused with vetiver’s notes of smoke and wood evokes the fresh air after a strong storm. Ripe orange relieves the tension, while the bittersweet after-scent of soft vetiver roots leads you to breathe in a delicate sensorial experience.


Take an appropriate amount on a hand or a shower towel, etc., make sufficient foam, rub it all over your body like a massage, and then wash it clean with water.
When using it, remove the stopper and rotate it in the direction indicated on the pump.
(The pump may spin with no traction after opening, but it is not defective.)

Each person may have different effects.
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