[THE FACE SHOP] Calendula Essential Moisture Serum 40 ml

[THE FACE SHOP] Calendula Essential Moisture Serum 40 ml

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- Give rest to sensitive skin!
Moisturizing & soothing line with every product containing the symbol of soothing flower. 10%
Calendula extract gives you dewy, moist effect. Delivers moisture calming effect to your sensitive skin due to drastic climate changes.

- Upgraded soothing effect with 10% Calendula extract and soothing herb complex
With every products containing 10% Calendula extract and herb complex of 6 soothing effective herbs, these products deliver dewy, soothing skin to sensitive skin making a comfort touch .

- Improved soothing effect, improved luxurious design!
Calendula essential line has been a steady seller loved for a long time! But for customers who desire a refreshed design and functions away from original, we improved moisturizing & soothing effect while redesigning to cope with luxurious BI, in order to give satisfaction with affordable price.

A mild moisturising and soothing serum that helps to achieve ideal skin without irritating skin . It intensely nourishes the skin by penetrating into deep layers of the skin. Containing 10% Calendula extract, this serum replenishes and retains moisture of skin

1. After prepping the skin, take a few drops of the serum onto your hands
2. Gently pat all over the face till it is absorbed in the skin