[the SAEM] Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer (2 Colors) 4.5g*3EA

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  • The Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer is a multi-play pot that completes coverage, correcting, and contouring in one.
  • As a multi-play pot completed in one, the three colors subdivided into solving various skin troubles not only cover blemishes, but also produce correcting and contouring effects, completing a high-quality base makeup with a single product.
  • Choose from two colors to suit your skin troubles : 01 Correct Beige, which simultaneously covers and corrects according to your skin concerns, and 02 Contour Beige, which covers and contours at the same time.
  • It covers skin defects such as blemishes, spots, and dullness according to your skin tone.
  • With a melting fit that adheres smoothly, it gently melts under the temperature of your fingers, and the semi-matte texture thinly and smoothly sticks to the skin and keeps it clean and comfortable for a long time.
  • It contains Sweet Almond Oil and French Herb Water.

Take a suitable amount with your finger or a brush and spread it over the blemished area.
*Storage conditions: 10 to 30 degrees Celsius
*Due to the characteristics of the formulation, there may be stains on the surface or oil discharge depending on storage conditions, but this is not a sign of a defective product and it can be used safely.
*Depending on the container, the direction of the front logo may differ from the product image, but this is not an abnormality of the container and can be used safely.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anishka O.

It's a good product to use easily, and I think it's even more effective if you apply makeup using a puff and brush.

Chloe J.G.

It covers dark circles much better than when using a regular liquid concealer.

Polina S.

The coverage is really good. It hides even large blemishes well, and I think the green color covers red spots especially well!!

Namitha R.

It's a bit matte, but the coverage is good, so it's an essential product to apply when going out.

Mariel M.

It covers dark circles more than liquid type concealer, so I like it!!