[too cool for school] Egg Pore Clear Pad 160g 70EA

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Egg Nutrients for Solid pore care : Ampoule pads possess a generous amount of albumin extract (egg whites) that help firm the pores to create a smooth and sleek complexion.

Daily Peeling Pad for sensitive skin types : Safe and trustworthy ingredients (EWG certified) such as low-acidity ingredients PHA & LHA gently clean the pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

Refreshing and hydrating Moisturizing care : Richness in egg nutrients and moisturizing agents allow for a deeply hydrating experience with a comfortable finish.

Dual Pad allows for effective pore care : Pure cotton dual pad with different front and back sides for mild peeling and intense hydrating care.

1. After cleansing, and as the first step in your skincare, use the gauze side to gently wipe across the face, avoidinig the eye and lip areas.
2. Then use the smooth side to wipe down once more to settle and prep the skin.
3. Gently pat the remaining toner to help the skin absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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