[too cool for school] Frottage Pencil (7 Colors)

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  • Airy multi pastel for airy-light and soft sheer color expression.
  • Blends softly like pastel without any special technique, and it is a buildable color without feeling stuffy even on multiple reapplications.
  • Wearable texture that can be used as shadow, blusher, and highlighter.
  • If the pencil becomes blunt, use 12mm sharpener exclusive to Frottage pencil for detailed sharpening.

01 Shining Linen: Subtle champagne beige
02 Rosy Dew: Lovely rosy pink
07 Muted Taupe: Calming taupe brown
08 Scented Bouquet: Soft apricot undertone with warm coral.
09 Sheer Nude: Peachy champagne beige that is both bright and subtle
10 Classy Fig: Muted rose with a blend of fig.
11 Dew Beige: Clean whitish ivory

Draw it on the desired area and blend it with the fingertip.
Apply as shadow and blush and other areas you want.
*Create a rich depth with shaded colors and flattering volume of aegyosal with glitters.
*Provides light contour on outline of face, hairline, and bridge of nose.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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09 Sheer Nude

this literally my favorite TCFS product beside their conture because it did so good to my makeup

Avril P.

this is such a good product and it is so easy to use!!
i got the shade scented bouquet, and i didn't know it had glitter but i dont mind, it is rlly pretty.