[too cool for school] Tag Wonderland Cheek Beam (2 Colors) 6.8g

$21.50 $25.14

Clear and iridescent natural-glow cheek balm. Just enough color with a subtle glow that blends in beautifully with the skin for a naturally flushed look at any angle.

A hydrating and glowy face beam where you can feel the moisture with each layer you blend. Feels moist with each layer as you blend and add color for a hydrating glow that's long-lasting without any darkening effect.

See-through layering texture : Jelly-type blush with a wet texture made of pearl particles coated in oil that melts onto the skin with each layer for a sleek finish

#1 Peach Heaven : A warm, light pink with peach + gold pearl lighting
#2 Evening Mauve : A dreamy, light purple with pink + silver pearl lighting

Use you finger or a puff to pick up an adequate amount of product, then gently spread on the area you desire.

The product has a soft, doughy texture which makes it especially vulnerable to impact so please be careful not to drop it.

Each person may have different effects.
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