[VDIVOV] Glint by VDIVOV Stick Highlighter (2 Colors) 7g

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Glint X JEYU Highlighter!
A stick highlighter that provides a see-through moisturizing glow that shines through the skin as if it is delicately filled from the inside with gentle fine pearls.
A triple-layer system with a moisturizing balm formula provides deep hydration and adheres thinly to the skin for a smooth glow without stickiness.
  • #01 Dewy Moon : has an apricot color with fine pearls to mingle with daily makeup.
  • #02 Milky Moon : has a milky color with pink pearls to brighten up your look.

Apply the formula by gliding the stick direcly onto the skin or using your fingertips to create a dewy glow on your face.
Dab the stick on a puff and pat lightly to create a subtle, dewy glow that radiates from the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Carmen M.
Great highlighter

It's very lightweight and easy to blend either with brush or fingers. The shade is also perfect for my skin and gives natural glow!

Best Highlighter

I totally recommend this highlighter. It is very easy to use cause this is stick type. I don’t need to get my hand dirty! And this is beautiful looking on the skin, with no scent, and not greasy. Also it has little glitters. The glow is actually great too!