[VDL] Lumilayer Primer 30ml

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  • Violet Lumilayer pigment made by combining red light and blue light illuminates the face and helps define facial features. The red light makes skin look brighter, while the blue light makes skin appear clean and clear.
  • For clear and glowing skin cover.
  • Voluminous face injected with light : Violet Lumilayer Pigment, made by combining skin-brightening red light and blue light for clean and clear skin, creates an intensity that illuminates the face and highlights features.
  • Radiance that lasts all day : Gently illuminates the face to make skin tone look brilliant all day long.

Mix VDL Lumilayer Primer and Foundation in 1:1 ratio. Spread evenly on face.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Andrew q.
Great product

A while ago I got this primer for my girlfriend, who now uses it as her special occasion primer because it creates a smooth, radiant base for her makeup. The formula is beige in the bottle, and it evens out skin tone when blended in. My girlfriend says she really likes primers from this brand because they are effective and noticeably improve her makeup application.

Luke S.
Fortunately, I was lucky because i could find this ...

I heard that it is one of the most popular items in Asia.
As a guy, I REALLY WANT TO RECOMMEND THIS to guys who have an interest in beauty.
It is very easy to use and interesting. After i use this on my face, i can feel that my skin is really bright and better.
You should use it.

K. K.
Good for those with thirstier skin

I love this primer. It hydrates the skin and when applied, leaves a glow that’s very nice under a normal amount of medium coverage foundation. I never liked primers or thought they did much until I tried this one and just absolutely love it and use it everyday. It never makes me look greasy and it’s not heavy at all. It soaks into the skin and doesn’t interfere with foundation. I think of it almost like another layer of moisture for my 35 year old skin. I like the other lumilayer primer too. I think either is a good choice.

Seo H.J.

This primer is perfect for combination skin! Sometimes it's hard to find primers that won't dry out your skin and has a fresh feeling.
It is almost moisture like and this primer moisturizes while making sure your makeup lasts throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

LOVE it!!

The is the best primer for my mother, she is over 60+. She has light skin tone, has no dark spots but YES uneven tone. She use this primer alone with no other foundation or face powder. It does gives her a brightening look, not oil and comfortable texture. The primer makes her skin looks great on photo. A very natural looking primer, I hope VDL will never change or discontinue this product.