[WellDerma] Calendula Calming Soon Cleansing Pad 120ml 60EA

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The cute dual duck pad is a double layer fabric that is effective for cleansing without causing irritation.
1. Textured embossed side : Removal of makeup and dead skin cells on wide areas such as the forehead and cheeks.
2. Smooth soft side : Removal of point makeup such as lips and eyes. Skin calming, moisturizing, and skin texture care.

- Calendula Extract / Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract : Excellent calming effect for dry or sensitive skin and dermatitis. Effective in increasing skin elasticity and improving skin texture through excellent moisturizing and skin regeneration capabilities.
- Green Tea Extract : Soothes skin damaged by UV and has the effect of caring for healthy and moisturized skin

Safe Cleansing Essence for Healthy Skin : In order to avoid damaging the protective skin layer, we insisted on mildly-acidic pH similar to that of our natural skin, and fewer irritating ingredients to decrease the burden on sensitive skin.

Perfect cleansing of strong point makeup : Smoothly with the soft and moist cleansing pad. It will remove makeup and waste quickly and supplement the skin with moisture to completely erase skin stress.

Mild and pleasant scent without irritation : No use of artificial fragrances that can cause irritation or allergies! Finish your day more pleasantly with bergamot and orange peel fragrances that help to relieve stress.

1. Use the embossed side to wipe the entirety of the skin.
2. For point makeup, flip the pad to the smooth side and place it on the area for 5 seconds, and then wipe it away cleanly.
3. Be careful to not get it in the eyes and finish by wiping it softly.
* Although this is a no-wash product, a secondary wash can be performed based on the individual and then be finished up with basic products.

Each person may have different effects.
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