[Wonder Bath] Super Vegitoks Cleanser 300ml O2 Bubble Cleansing Makeup Remover (Pump + Cleanser)

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With simple facial cleansing, you can purify your skin and erase fine shadows to become self-luminous. Wash with Vegetox and circulate, cool and clear! Smooth with little shadows Experience the glitz of glory!
  • A detoxifying cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh, and soft.  
  • All-in-one hypoallergenic cleanser offers powerful makeup removal & exfoliation & moisturizing and detox care in just one step  
  • Konjac Jelly capsules inside green vegetable juice texture gently remove blackheads, dead skin cells and skin impurities inside pores for clean, smooth skin express  
  • Purify and nourish your skin with 70 kinds of naturally derived ingredients (Wheat grain, Spirulina, Lime etc.) to create healthy, dewy skin with fine glow  
  • Help contract pores, improve skin elasticity, complexion and promote blood circulation for natural flawless naked skin
1. Pump the Super Vegitox Cleanser tothe size of your coin and apply it to your forehead and forehead.
2. When the bubbly bubbles come up, they are rolled by hand massaging and cleansing.
3. Please wash with lukewarm water without irritation.

Each person may have different effects.
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Me gusta que limpia profundamente la piel. Pero no pude dejarle el dispensador porque riega el producto. Lo mantengo con tapa.