[CNP Laboratory] Propolis Multi Ampule Balm 7g

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From multi-glow, to anti-dry effects, it's a spectacular ampoule balm.
A fresh ampoule balm that gives a lively glossy brilliance.
The balm holds the heart of moisturizing radiance care, the propolis energy ampoule.
Smart choice for the skin, perfect for daily, easy functional care with wrinkle improvement and glowing effects.
One single use has shown to improve skin moisturizing (moisture density) by 24%, skin glow (multiple glow) by 27%, skin uniformity by 6%, and moisture loss (anti-dry) by 11%.
Adheres seamlessly as if applying a moisture cream creates a freshly glowing skin without feeling stuffy.

Contains propolis extract, a key ingredient in the Propolis Energy Ampoule, to moisturize and nourish the skin, while still providing a clear glow.
The balm texture containing vitamin C derivatives and cedrols (the main ingredient in brightening functionality) awakens the skin glow with a clear moisturizing sensation to create a vibrant, glowing, clear glass-like skin.
Contains madecassoside to soothe moisturizing skin.
Contains a moisture essence to keep the skin hydrated freshly.
A 55% water essence base densely fills in the moisture and covers the skin smoothly for an anti-dry effect.
Propolis Multi Ampoule Balm is a formula excludes 10 ingredients, including mineral oil, and is gentle on the skin.

Daily skincare : Apply to the final stages of wrinkles during the morning and evening skincare.
All day glowing care : Enjoy glowing skin all day without dryness before and after makeup.
Smooth neckcare : Give smooth wrinkle care to the neck prone to wrinkling.
Moist lipcare : Moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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