[hersteller] Little Drops Calming Days Ampoule 15ml

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  • It is a quick soothing ampoule for sensitive skin without tautness.
  • The finish is not sticky and the skin is comfortable without irritation.
  • A satisfaction response after 2 weeks of use of the product by 200 members of the Allure Review Review Team (March 2020) and 289 members of the Beauty App Hwahae Survey Group (March 2022) showed a high level of satisfaction, with 97.9% approving the skin soothing effect and 97% approving of the non-sticky finish.
  • In the test, it improved skin redness by 32.6% and moisture loss by 32.2% after one use, so the amazing rapid calming effect of redness that can be felt with just one use was verified.
  • The product can take care of soothing and moisturizing at the same time without pulling on the skin.
  • The skin irritation test for sensitive skin was completed, and the irritation index was judged to be 0.00 non-irritating, proving that it is a low stimulating soothing product that can be safe even for sensitive skin.
  • Shake the golden ratio ampoule sufficiently to meet the more certain moisture soothing ampoule Calming Days.

It contains 74% calendula officinalis flower extract for soothing effect on sensitive skin.
It is a vegan product that has been officially certified as vegan by EVE VEGAN, a French vegan certification agency, and can be used without worry.
The golden ratio of soothing serum 9: moisture oil 1 provides more ample moisture.
The 1 of watery oil containing jojoba seed oil and apple seed oil forms a moisture barrier, and 9 of soothing serum containing calendula officinalis flower extract, turmeric root extract and ocimum sanctum leaf extract quickly soothes sensitive skin.
It is a vegan recipe and can be used without worry.
Calendula officinalis flower extract has a soothing and moisturizing effect, Viapure Hops (hops extract) has a moisture balance and soothing effect, and turmeric root extract has a soothing and protective

1. Shake before use.
2. Take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin.
This product is a two-layer (oil/water layer) formulation containing a high content of naturally-derived ingredients, and there may be differences in appearance and separation speed, but it is a product of the same efficacy, so you can use it safely.

Each person may have different effects.
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