[Huxley] Essential Mist Sense of Balance 35ml

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- Essential Mist; Sense of Balance moisturizes and nourishes skin thanks to its micro sized particles of essence that are evenly dispersed through the watery formula.
- Its key ingredient, prickly pear cactus water extract, effectively hydrates and soothes the skin while providing extra nutrients not available in purified water.
- This essence Mist has been pH balanced to match the skins slightly acidic pH level, helping to restore and protect the skin s natural barrier and bring skin back into balance.
- Essence mist that provides rich nourishment and refreshing hydration
- Formulated with prickly pear flower extract that effectively soothes and hydrates skin
- Slightly Acidic mist with pH level similar to that of the skin

[How to use]
1) Shake well before use.
2) Spritz 2-3 times from a 30cm distance, and gently tap until well absorbed.