[HYGGEE] Relief Blue Flower Mask 10EA

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Immediate treatment for tired skin.

o Blue flower Comfrey Hyggee has mainly focused on Comfrey flower's strong self-sustenance which has been used as a natural preservative for the skin for 2,000 years. For sensitive skin that has been consistently stimulated from the harmful environment, let comfrey's leaf extract and comfrey's origin allantoin be the solution to calm and provide healthy skin. SOOTHES SKIN MOISTURE REGENERATION SKIN PROTECTION Long lasting Moisture

o The gel matrix moisturizer delivers deep hydration, slowly filling the skin with moisture and keeping the skin hydrated for a long period of time. Relief Blue Flower For skin that is consta to the harmful envir Allantoin and Aloe was found a way ALL ANTO ALOE BARBA Long ice cooling

o A cooling face mask that is safe to use when stored in refrigerator/freezer for skin that is irritated by the heat. A LONG-LASTING HYDRATING | GEL FORMULATION THAT DOES NOT DISASSEMBLE

After cleansing, take out the mask sheet from the package and gently place on the face. Depending on personal preferences, gently remove the mask after 20 to 30 minutes, and lightly pat the remaining essence for better absorption.

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