[ISOI] Acni Dr. 1st Cleansing 130ml

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IsoI Acni Dr.1 Cleansing

1. Mild natural ingredients
2. Clean up to the pores
3. Relief care for skin troubles

Uninvited guests, why is it repeated?
If excess sebum and wastes are not properly discharged, pores may become clogged and skin problems may occur.
However, if you wash your face too often or use a face wash with strong cleansing power, the skin barrier weakens and the stratum corneum becomes thicker due to the skin's own protective action.
The thickened stratum corneum can clog pores again, causing a vicious cycle of skin troubles.

Suitable for use on acne-prone skin!
Acne Doctor First Cleansing Gel contains gentle plant ingredients, which gently and gently excretes sebum even for sensitive skin, and helps to clean clogged pores to help care for skin concerns.

Now you need Acne Cleansing.
1. Those who suffer from skin troubles due to excess sebum
2. Those who are concerned about sensitive skin that is prone to skin troubles
3. Those who want to strengthen the skin barrier by increasing the skin's natural strength.

[How to use]
After pumping 2-3 times, gently massage the face with foam and rinse with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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