[ISOI] Ato Calming Cream 130ml

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Ato Calming Cream that relieves dryness and itching

Double moisturizing effect that fills the stratum corneum as well as the substratum corneum.
Naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients close to the skin lipids provide strong double moisture that fills and protects the skin inside and outside.

Silence the itching caused by dryness! Break the vicious cycle of repeated drying.
A true Ato Cream to catch even the itchiness of dryness!
Take care of the cause of the vicious cycle of dryness that repeats [dry-scratch-weak barrier-moisture loss] with clinically confirmed effects.

Seed vitality that raises moisture deep in the ground, 5-SEED OIL Ceramide is basic! With the vitality of 5 kinds of seed oils that fill dry skin, it helps to improve dry skin that could not be solved with ceramide alone.

Hypoallergenic moisturizing for the whole family from children to adults Completed German Derma Test!
Hypoallergenic moisturizing care is OK for children's delicate skin, which is difficult to apply anything on, and makes rough skin smile.

Ceramide is basic!
Increase the perfection of moisturizing with the vitality of seeds!
This is why it is difficult to completely moisturize with only ceramide, the skin lipid composed of 50% ceramide + 50% fatty acid & cholesterol.
ISOI 5-SEED OIL, which is a combination of 5 kinds of seed oils in an appropriate ratio, is a 'half cycle' for the skin that has been repeating a vicious cycle with fatty acids essential for the skin, rich moisturizing nutrients, and the vitality of seeds that raise moisture deep in the ground. It provides 'complete moisture', not 'moisture'.

[How to use]
After washing or showering, apply a sufficient amount to dry face and body for absorption.
* You can reapply several times on body parts that are particularly itchy due to dryness, such as the inside of the arms, the back of the legs, and the neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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