[Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml
[Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml
[Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, [Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, [Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, [Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml

[Krave] Great Barrier Relief 45ml

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Great Barrier Relief is a skin-soothing serum that restores your damaged skin barrier while evening out your complexion. This nourishing formula offers irritated skin a reset button by using tamanu oil and other ingredients that mimic a healthy barrier to replenish what your skin lacks.

[Who Needs it]

Someone who needs to press reset on their irritated skin. More specifically:

who washes their face more than twice a day
who overdoes skincare by using harsh acne treatments or anti-aging products too often
whose skin is constantly dehydrated
who has constant redness and dry patches
who is sensitive to many skincare products
who has chronic stress (yes, cortisol affects the skin barrier too!)
who is looking to get rid of hyperpigmentation
who has aging or mature skin
anyone who intends to maintain a healthy skin barrier function
who has skin problems associated with a damaged skin barrier



[How to indulge]

Apply one or two pumps of Great Barrier Relief before your moisturizer or in replacement of your moisturizer. No rules, really! Reach for Great Barrier Relief whenever your skin is feeling irritated and don’t forget to remove those sensitizing products from your routine.

How to #PressReset on *EXTREMELY* Irritated Skin with Great Barrier Relief.

* The following steps only apply to those who have severely damaged skin-barrier that literally every product they apply stings and irritate.

Drop every skincare product you’re using.
Take a break from cleansing, which also means no makeup or sunscreen during this period.
(If you need to wash your face, use lukewarm water and gently rinse. Use distilled water if you live in a place where tap water is too harsh or unfiltered! Please don't be surprised by the 'skipping sunscreen' advice! It's a very common dermatology practice to advise patients to drop everything including sunscreen when the patient is dealing with an extreme skin condition. When your skin-barrier is damaged, the permeability of the skin increases. The chemical UV filters can easily sink in and further sensitize the skin and nowadays, most conventional mineral sunscreens use nano/micro UV filters which can easily get absorbed into the skin too. And sunscreens that are formulated with other potential irritants can exacerbate the problem so we're eliminating all the potentially problematic factors to really give your skin a reset!)
Use Great Barrier Relief morning and night until your skin has reset and feels relieved and relaxed.
Start adding back your core essentials once your skin is healed: Cleanser, Moisturizer and SPF.