[MEDIHEAL] Tea Tree Calming Essence Pad 50EA 130ml

$34.50 $41.00

-A soothing pad soaked in mild tea tree essence that quickly and easily takes care of skin troubles.
-Gentle soothing care with green recipes found in nature. Contains 95% of naturally-derived ingredients
-Tea Tree X 3 is filled with tea tree that is effective for soothing skin with different causes.

-It is recommended when you want to quickly soothe your skin troubles on a busy morning, but don't have time.
-Both cheeks, forehead. It is recommended when you want to easily and intensively care for only the desired area such as the chin.
-It is recommended for those who have thick makeup due to exfoliated skin.

[How to use]
Paste it on the area where the calming care is needed for 3-5 minutes like a pack.
Wipe along the skin texture from inside to outside and gently tap for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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