[Nature Republic] Shea Butter Steam Cream Ultra 100ml

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Nature Republic Shea Butter Steam Cream Ultra uses Steam Technology to fuse ingredients together resulting in a light cream that melts when it touches your skin. Steam Technology uses a blast of steam to extract the nutrients of each ingredient and fuse them together into a very light emulsion. The result is Steam Cream that melts when it touches your skin is faster absorbed into the skin than traditional creams. It also penetrates deeper than traditional creams, moisturizing skin up to 48 hours, making it a great Fall and Winter cream. Shea Butter Steam Cream Ultra fuses moisturizing butter extracted from nuts of the exotic African Shea Tree, Green Tea Seed Oil, and the antioxidant Maki Berry. Shea Butter is a rich source of the antioxidant Vitamin-A with numerous healing effects such as balancing skin tone and treating acne scars, sunburn or even insect bites and more. It also contains Vitamin-E providing deep moisturization while acting as an anti-free radical protecting skin against sun and environmental exposure. Green Tea Antioxidants preserve skin's collagen and elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As an Anti-Inflammatory, Green Tea Antioxidants calm and sooth skin, reducing excessive oil production, which reduces acne breakouts. Maki Berry is another great Antioxidant for your skin.

[How to Use]
At the last step of the basic skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and gently massage on the face to allow it to be absorbed thoroughly.

Each person may have different effects.
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